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The Ball And The Corona Designer Chair

Joe Jost/ December 13, 2016/ Furniture/

The original minimalist style that was coming out of the Bauhaus movement with its roots firmly in simple industrial designs started to develop into something quite futuristic by the 1960s. With prominent Scandinavians such as Eero Aarnio and Poul Volther, designers were trying to anticipate what furniture would be like in a space-age future. The famous Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio and the Corona Chair by Poul Volther are classic examples of this.

A preview of the Ball and Corona designer chairs

History of the Corona Chairs

dsgsdgdgdgfdgfPoul Volther was one of the many furniture designers to come out of Denmark. The Corona Chair is truly unprecedented, with its four oval shapes that make up the back and seat of the chair. Few chairs on the market are as ergonomically sound as the Corona Chair, with the slightly curved ovals that follow the contours of the human back. Poul Volther created a chair which has been visually likened to a rib cage, an idea which adds to the curiosity of this stunning piece.

The Corona Chair was first designed in the 1960s and is also considered to be futuristic in its appearance, much like the work of Eero Aarnio. Items such as the Corona Chair are suitable for the home and office alike. This gorgeous piece by Poul Volther can still be seen in home decor magazines the world over and looks as fresh today as the day it was designed nearly fifty years ago.

The history of the ball chair

Aarnio invented the Ball Chair, which was one of the most iconic and futuristic chairs of its time. The Ball Chair was designed in the decade of films like Barbarella, Star Trek and 2001. Many clothes designers, filmmakers, and musicians were producing things they imagined would be in the future, trying to break the boundaries of what was considered normal.

dsfsdfsdfsdfThese different artistic disciplines fed off each other and none more so than furniture designers like Eero Aarnio and Poul Volther. The Ball Chair can still be seen in sophisticated loft apartments and modern minimalist houses. Anyone who is looking for a stunning piece that is as much a piece of art as a piece of furniture would be well advised to search out a Ball Chair for their living room or office.

The modern designs

The modernist furniture by designers of the 1960’s like Poul Volther and Eero Aarnio took natural shapes such as ovals and circles that were inspired by nature with images of the sun and the moon and came up with outstanding pieces like the Corona Chair. Visit 122 design online to realize how these amazing furniture are wonderful. The idea of the Corona Chair itself was conceived when Poul Volther was looking at a diagram of a lunar eclipse.…