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Advantages Of Buying Bitcoins

Joe Jost/ October 29, 2015/ Money & Finance/

Is buying Bitcoins a good idea? Yes, bitcoins are digital money that helps in solving the many problems that are suffered by the current currencies. It also helps in introducing some of the uncertainties that had not been solved. Bitcoins are also known to be a cryptocurrency system that is decentralized and peer-to-peer such that it is designed to enable users to process their transactions using digital units of exchange known as bitcoins. Bitcoins are mined using a computer via a process that entails solving the gradually complex mathematics algorithms. They can also be purchased using the standard national currencies and is placed in a bitcoin wallet that can be easily accessed using a computer or a smartphone. Hence, here are advantages of buying bitcoins.


It faces a low collapse risk

Bitcoins are not regulated by any Bitcoin 01governments like the regular currencies that depend on the governments. They are known to be virtual global currencies hence faces a lower risk of collapse. Moreover, bitcoins do not subject the merchants to the risk of charging back.


They have lower transaction fees

Bitcoins are known to have no intermediary institutions or government interventions hence they have lower transaction fees and are maintained at a lower value. Besides, there are no currency exchange fees that are incurred in bitcoins transactions. The transfer of bitcoins is done quickly thus eliminate the inconvenience caused by the authorization of typical requirements and the waiting periods. Bitcoins are used as digital alternatives to the hawala networks.


They have strong privacy protections and cannot be seized or frozen

Bitcoin 02Bitcoins have been proven to have stronger privacy protections than PayPal. The bitcoins accounts are numbered and do not have any personal information that is identifiable. This feature makes it similar to the Swiss numbered account. Moreover, the bitcoins accounts cannot be seized or frozen like PayPal because of fewer cases of high fraud and no chargeback risks. Bitcoins accounts do not necessitate you to provide some secret information because it entails the use of two important keys that are the public and the private key. The public key is easily accessible to anyone, but the private key is a user’s secret.


They are simple, cheap and safe to use

Bitcoins are simple, cheap and easy to use because the most important thing isBitcoin 03 the user having the bitcoins. Moreover, buyers are not able to take back the money hence shipping of the purchased product by the seller is done easily and safely. Sending money between bitcoins accounts is simple and cheaper due to it being peer-to-peer without any intermediary. Bitcoins are easy to be carried because they are carried on a memory stick that is portable and can be kept in the pocket.

Is buying Bitcoins a good idea? With the above advantages buying bitcoins is an ideal choice that one should consider trying.…