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3 ways to know the right toilet training age

Joe Jost/ October 18, 2016/ Toddlers/

Children go through several stages of growth and development before they become independent. Through all these stages, proper guidance and care from their parents or guardians are paramount to their well-being. Among the many things that parents have to do for young kids is to observe their behavior to know if they are responding well to their environment. Children develop different needs at different stages. One of the developmental changes that children encounter is the shift from using diapers to toilet training.

Here are 3 ways to know the right toilet training age for your child.

Child’s Behavior

hgshgsu6shgsAs children grow up, they change their behavior and how they communicate certain messages. By observing some behavior changes, it is possible to know that a child is ready for toilet training. Some of these behaviors revolve around the child’s attitude towards their dirt. If a child is pulling at spoiled diapers, for instance, this is a sign that they are already aware of the unease caused by the dirt. Other signs, like having dry diapers for longer periods of time, are key to start training you child to use the toilet. Parents should also look out for their child’s tendency to imitate the use of the toilet.

Age as an indicator to know the right toilet training age

Ultimately, age is the definitive factor. In many cases, children are expected to start using the toilet after a certain age. In very rare cases, children may use diapers for a longer period of time due to some conditions. Normally, however, most parents will start training their children to use the toilet when they feel that the child has reached a certain age when it is right to do so. Children also become more willing to learn when they are capable of doing several things by themselves.

Learning from experienced persons

hgsahgsa6sahgsaDifferent parents have their own ideas about when they should start training the child to use the toilet. New parents may not have as much experience as parents who have had other kids. This is why it is often important for parents to learn from each other on how they can handle different situations. Parents are encouraged to join a club where they can share their experiences and hopeful share knowledge on various topics including toilet training.

There are definitely many other ways to know the right toilet training age. But the above indicators are undoubtedly the key indicators to prepare your child for new developmental stages.…