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Tips for buying the best vape pen

Joe Jost/ December 9, 2016/ VAping/

Smoking technology has come far, as evident with the advent of vaping. Vaping is the process by which a person inhales the vapor produced by an electric cigarette. In most cases, the vapor is extracted from heated propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. A favorite for most vapor users is the vaporizer pen. It is a device; essentially an e-cigarette made to look like a pen. It comes in all shapes and sizes, visit The Vape Pen Guide to learn more. In this article, we loom at some tips for buying these vape pens.

Buying the best vape pen

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The vape tank houses the e-liquid, which is the liquid that is heated to produce the required vapor. When purchasing a vape pen, it is advisable to check the capacity of the vape tanks. For the avid vape pen user, selecting a vape pen with a big vape tank is advisable. And for the seasonal user, selecting one of the minimal pens sized vape pens isn’t a bad idea.

It is also worth noting that the vape tank houses the vape coil. The coil primarily does the task of heating the e-juice. Hence by accounting for the area occupied by the coil, you can factor out your options and get the best vape pen.


Yes, vape pens make use of batteries to power themselves. This allows or portability, a convenience that every vape pen should have. The type of cells varies for every vape pen, with the main versions being either inbuilt or replaceable batteries. Depending on your needs, it is quite easy to choose one that meets your needs efficiently. If you live in a place that has an abundance of electricity, then the one with an integrated battery is a better suite. Otherwise, choosing the one with a replaceable battery is paramount. Better yet, you can always get the replaceable one and get rechargeable cells for it, resulting in a win-win situation.

Vape Mods

A vape mod is a component that transfers power frosdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvm the cells to the atomizer. Depending on the mod, you can quickly determine the vape pen to go with. A good mod allows for quick atomization hence enhancing the vape pen’s efficiency. While most vape mods are up to par with the standard expectations, it is still a viable factor for choosing the best vape pen.

These are some of the standard features to inquire when selecting the best vape pen. Happy vaping to you all.…