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Choosing the right wedding venue

Joe Jost/ September 28, 2017/ Uncategorized/

A wedding is one of the important events in ones’ life. Because of that, it needs careful planning to every detail of the event. Choosing a right venue is one of the essential things to consider in planning your wedding day. There are a lot of sites that provide information and services that would suit your wedding style. The weddingvenuesinengland.com is one of the sites that gives a list of venues for your wedding. But, there some points to consider in choosing the right place.


The venue must suit to the wedding style you both planning to have. Would you still consider a traditional one such as hotels and country houses? Or do you prefer a non-traditional one such as pubs, warehouses, boats, theater, restaurants, garden, resort, galleries, and museums? Consider too the flexibility of the place to hold both the ceremony and receptions as well as any twist or mixed up ideas in the wedding.

Guest accommodation

Consider the number of people that the venue could accommodate. Accommodation may include the spacious parking lot, enough indoor and outdoor space, on-site accommodation and different capacities for rooms of the guest, the catering, and menu.


Venue accessibility

It is good to check the area if accessible to elderly and disabled or if it is comfortable to kids. Consider too the venue lightings for the satisfactory photography. Choose a place favorable to almost guest to avoid possible expensive taxi charges and hotel bills. A long-distance trip could one of the constraints to the attendance of your guest especially when it comes to health issues.


The money that you would like to spend also contribute to the type of venue that you would pick. You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to make your wedding successful and memorable. Choose place within your budget. So, consider a site that offers a broad range of tastes that suits your budget. Inquire all the possible charges like overtime, menu, bar drinks as well as the down payment so you could have the booking.



Some venues combined packages of food and drinks. Give more consideration to the food to be served. Food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding event. Of course, you do not want every guest to remember your day that they had to eat food they don’t like. The food must give delight and satisfaction to every person in the occasion.